For Immediate Release

April 4, 2014

Contact: A. J. Thompson 215-287-3492


A group of parishioners have a plan to save the Saint Laurentius Church in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. This committee has hired a canon lawyer and intends to do everything it can to reopen Saint Laurentius Church for regular worship.

The Archdiocese is misinterpreting the engineer’s findings. As a result, they are being alarmists and the swift closure of the church on Friday March 28, 2014 has not allowed the parishioners to perform their due diligence. The Archdiocesan proposal to demolish the church would cost $1,000,000. The Holy Name of Jesus Parish will go into debt to pay for the demolition of the church.

At the request of the SAVE SAINT LAURENTIUS CHURCH COMMITTEE, a conditions assessment of the masonry towers has been performed. A contractor specializing in the preservation of historic churches has submitted a proposal to remedy the L&I violations by restoring the masonry towers. The cost of the work would be $691,000 pending the approval of a structural engineer commissioned by the parishioners.  The contractor has stated that, although the towers need work, the notion that they are in imminent danger of collapse is not consistent with his observations.

A timeline has been developed for scheduling these repairs. The SAVE SAINT LAURENTIUS CHURCH COMMITTEE has prepared a financial plan to fund the repairs. Anyone interested in supporting the repair of Saint Laurentius Church can go to our Facebook Page Save Saint Laurentius Church (website under construction). As further information comes to light SAVE SAINT LAURENTIUS CHURCH COMMITTEE anticipates their plan will receive support by those who have strong ties to Saint Laurentius Church.

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