Meeting to Save St. Laurentius Church – Tuesday April 8

Those who want to work toward a solution to fix St. Laurentius Church can join us for a meeting on Tuesday April 8 at Holy Name Church Hall (701 E Gaul Street) at 7:30pm with the meeting starting at 8pm.

This meeting is not to debate the merits of our efforts, fight about Holy Name vs. St. Laurentius, or snicker and sneer about what honest parishioners are trying to do.

If you believe we as a Fishtown community should try to save this beautiful place, we welcome you. If you want to see St. Laurentius bulldozed to the ground and the church destroyed, DO NOT COME!

Please DO NOT ATTEND UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO LEARN ABOUT SAVING THE CHURCH AND WANT TO HELP! Those attending to try to disrupt our efforts will be asked to leave.



2 thoughts on “Meeting to Save St. Laurentius Church – Tuesday April 8”

    1. Hi Irene. Sorry, we tried to reach as many people as we could, but the meeting was planned on such short notice. Our committee is doing the best to keep everyone informed via this website and our “Save St. Laurentius” Facebook page. I have your email now and I will also add you to our contact list for future email communications.

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