Did You Know Series #1

Friends, The Save St. Laurentius Church Committee wants to keep you as informed as we can. We have been trying to meet with our pastor, engineers, and other leaders, and we have continued to both solicit and receive donations. The committee, along with devoted friends, is working to open the doors to our church and make repairs to our house of worship. We are looking for more ways to involve you!

Today will be our first installment of our DID YOU KNOW SERIES.

Did You Know that last week the Archdiocese of Philadelphia won the Award from the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia for their project restoring the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul for “demonstrating the best practices in historical preservation.” This
is at least the second time they have won this award (in 2012 and in 2014) for their work on the largely brownstone cathedral. We applaud their work on preserving our Cathedral, and we hope, we pray they open their hearts and allow parishioners to preserve our church Saint Laurentius and other places of God such as St. John the Baptist Church in Manayunk.

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