Summary of May 21st Meeting

*The City of Philadelphia’s citation only mentions the front wall of Saint Laurentius Church
*An attorney representing Fr Joseph Zingaro and the parish of Holy Name filed for another extension with The City of Philadelphia. The City of Philadelphia can only entertain requests from the rightful owner of a property; in this case, the owner of record with the City of Philadelphia is The Archdiocese of Philadelphia
*There is a large group of Holy Name Parishioners who want to save and maintain Saint Laurentius church. We again had a large turnout

*Fr. Joe is prayerfully considering all of his options
*Please consider respectfully contacting the pastor of Holy Name to let him know you support saving Saint Laurentius Church, especially since it is a lower price point then demolishing it. Please ask your friends to also contact him to let him know where they stand

*Rick Ortega, PE, AIA, FAPT (certified Engineer) has written a detailed proposal with two phases (layman’s language) Phase I would address the City of Philadelphia’s citations through semi-permanent stabilization of the walls and the towers and cleaning of all biohazard waste in the towers. He noted that the towers stand independently. This would cost between $150,000 and $200,000 (phase 1 only) Mr. Ortega believes that Phase I would satisfy all City of Phila citations.

Phase II would be written fully and totally and in detail while Holy Name Parish continued to raise money and decide on the best way to permanently fix Saint Laurentius Church


*The Save St Laurentius committee and many committed people have raised almost $25,000 and have additional pledges from businesses, corporations and foundations that would donate approximately ($50,000 -$75,000 additionally) when the decision is made to fix the issues with the church. That total is approximately $100,000. We need your help to continue.

*On Wednesday, JUNE 18th, Sugar House Casino has offered their space for us to host a fundraiser. The cost is $50 per person with a $10 gaming token, free food and one free drink. ALL PROCEEDS will benefit the Friends of Saint Laurentius. Let’s get the word out!

Many people have offered to host and run independent fundraisers to benefit Saint Laurentius church. We will share these drives and hope you can support them – there are window clings available for $5, there will be a Fishtown Restaurant night, and other fundraisers. Every dollar and every person supporting makes a difference

*People who truly support Saint Laurentius Church have to know that we are facing an uphill battle. In the eyes of civil law, the parish has no say with what to do the property or in deciding what to do, only the owner of the property (The Archdiocese of Philadelphia) does. The church has filed for all extensions and has not submitted the plans to fix the property and thus, is in the City’s Law Dept for possible legal action. Although the Archdiocese of Philadelphia states that the parish must decide what to do, the city only recognizes the Archdiocese. The pastor will be forced to make a decision and is in a difficult position. He is in a difficult position.

What are you prepared to do? Will you donate? Will you offer to be part of our Save St Laurentius phone-a-thon? Will you ask for donations on a door-to-door basis? Will you be willing to take additional and extra steps? Let’s take the steps TOGETHER. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “No one of us can do what all of us can do together.”

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