We need your help – Pledge to Save St. Laurentius

Can you pledge to help save St. Laurentius Church? Are you a business owner, or do you know a business owner who is interested in helping? The time has come for us to prove that we can raise the money needed for repairs. Please consider pledging, as this is the key in our fight to save our beloved historic church. You can pledge as an individual, family or other group, or as a business.  The amount can be any amount you can afford. We are seeking annual pledges for the next 10 years. Please also consider a bequest to the Friends of St. Laurentius.

Click here to download the form

Forms can be filled out and emailed to savestlaurentius@gmail.com

Or print, and mail to

Friends of St. Laurentius
1539 E Montgomery Ave
Philadelphia, PA  19125

One thought on “We need your help – Pledge to Save St. Laurentius”

  1. Can you ask the Polish government through their Philly consulate if they can pledge some money to help restore the Church?

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