Just the Facts

Fact: The Save the Saint Laurentius Church Committee has reached out to the Pastor by phone, by visit and by email more than 5 times since August. He will meet with individual parishioners but he will not meet with our group.

Fact: Our donations and pledges to donate have reached $475,000.

Fact: The St Laurentius convent sold through a local real estate agent through an open and public process. The parish netted more than $350,000.

(opinion and fact: $475,000 + a conservative $350,000 = $825,000. Even if some families or businesses cannot complete their entire pledge, that sure seems to be close to the total amount of money needed to repair St Laurentius Church)

Fact: The Archdiocesan leaders noted that those proceeds can be used to pay back the parish debt incurred by both St. Laurentius and by Holy Name or it could be used to demolish St Laurentius church. This was several months ago. We were not physically at the meeting. This sentiment was shared through the previous pastor in several meetings.

Fact: The Canon Law process states that nothing should be done right now to St. Laurentius Church. It seems that there have been objects taken from the church including an organ.

(opinion: if we are not successful, if the church needs to be sadly torn down, then we hope that the sacred objects would to to St Laurentius parishioners or to Holy name parish or to St Laurentius School. We do not want the demolition company to be able to sell them to the highest bidder. The thing is, we just aren’t there yet. No means no. Everything should remain as is.)

Fact: There are many ways to support St. Laurentius Church. One very real way is to continue to support Holy Name parish.

Fact: We have only shared the truth.
The truth might not be easy but that does not make it a tabloid rumor or a lie.

Fact: Holy Name of Jesus has a Parish Council of 8 good people and the pastor. There is NO finance council. The previous pastor used both.
Note: There are 9 fallible humans (as we are all fallible humans capable of making a mistake) making a very big decision)

Our pastor and our parish council might not be making decisions we like but they have good hearts. Stay focused and hopeful. Let’s pray and hope they God, or Rome, will soften those hearts. In the meantime, we promise to continue to never post a lie.

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