Formal Recourse

On Friday, October 17, 2014 the formal Recourse in favor of restoring Saint Laurentius Church in Fishtown, Philadelphia, was sent to the Vatican and Pope Francis.  Extensive research and careful notes were submitted regarding the condition of the church, the possibility of repair, the support of the church, the sanctity of this Saint Laurentius Church and the goodness of all Catholics in our area.  Throughout this process and in the formal submission, we kept the safety of all people in mind.

The appeal has been sent.  Now, the process must be followed;  the decision is in the hands of Pope Francis and the Vatican leaders.  This might take three months.

May we keep the strength of Saint Laurentius / Saint Lawrence, a martyr burned on a gridiron for his faith, in our hearts.  And, regardless of the decision, may we find peace in knowing we followed due diligence and the search for truth in a deliberate way.

2 thoughts on “Formal Recourse”

  1. I pray all the time for St. Laurentius to be repaired real soon. It would break my heart to see this beautiful Church demolished!!!!!

  2. Sounds like church Politics between Holy Names pastor, those of St. Laurentius wanting to save the church & the Archdicese of Philadelphia. The Vatican will have the Final say!

    I want to thank John Wisniewski for all the hard work he & others are doing to save Saint Laurentius. Thank you!

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