AOP suddenly claims our recourse denied – after claiming merely 2 weeks ago that it did not exist

Sign our petition to declare St. Laurentius Church a historic site

Fr. John Sibel announced at Holy Thursday Mass that the first step in the Saint Laurentius Appeal has been denied by the Congregation of Clerics. At this point those claims have not been substantiated and his timing to start a rumor mill are convenient given that all administrative offices are closed for the holy feast days.

With a flock as large as Philadelphia, this does not seem to be the best use of their time on this, the holiest weekend on the Catholic calendar.

If our appeal is indeed denied, we are ready with our next step. We have contacted the Nuncio in DC and our paperwork is just about ready to roll. We are beginning to “live for paperwork!” Our church cannot be touched for as long as that process is underway.

Cost should not be an issue; yet, it is the only issue. We have offered and again offer $1 to buy the property and Saint Laurentius Church. We have raised over a half million dollars, we have an engineered proposal and plan and we are in position to fix this church. All we ask is that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia provides us with that chance.

We believe that now that with growing support for our petition to the Historic Commission and our upcoming meeting on Wednesday with Council President Darrell Clarke, that the Archdiocese wants to do everything to shake our resolve. Our efforts are gaining momentum and we are not budging.

We are happy. We are happy that our Save Saint Laurentius efforts have elicited a response. We remain vigilant. We remain hopeful. We will not be shaken. Our resolve will not be broken.
Easter Blessings.

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