Call to Action: Please send this message to Chaput

Your voice is important. Please print this letter and send today!

Save St. Laurentius letter to Chaput [PARISHIONER VERSION]

Save St Laurentius letter to Chaput – Non-Parishioner

Mail to: Archbishop of Philadelphia 222 N 17th St. Philadelphia, PA 19103 cc: Council President Darrell Clarke City Hall, Room 313 Philadelphia, PA 19107-3290 Apostolic Nuncio 3339 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC 20008 Click here to donate to Save St. Laurentius

8 thoughts on “Call to Action: Please send this message to Chaput”

  1. The letter is excellent however it is written in the person of a “parishoner”.. There needs to be one or accommodation from non parishioners, former parishioner, and other interested parties interested in the preservation of this church. Also, is there hard copy petions being circulated for those that want to support but have no computer access? This is a ver large untapped source.

    1. The letter is a link at the top of the page titled “Save St. Laurentius Letter to Chaput”. Click on the link and you will get the letter. I would hope the group here will provide email addresses for the Archbishoop, President of City Council, & the Papal Nuncio as well eliminating the problem of printing it out. Good luck!

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