Tim Breslin

Tim Breslin – Fishtown’s Greatest Man

Today, I am saddened by the loss of a friend, Tim Breslin. There are not enough superlatives to use when speaking of him.

In a community that is known for toughness and quickness to anger, his eternal optimism, principled life and extended helping hand turned the Fishtown notion of “tough guy” on its head. Tim Breslin, a good-natured man who worked with his hands and his heart was tougher than any of us. That we had Tim in our midst proved that we as a neighborhood are all good and decent people. To think that we have lost this man so suddenly and that his children should only be able to cherish the memories of their father is a pain that many of us feel today. I can say without equivocation that his life was one that all of us should strive to emulate.

He gave of himself to so many charities, events, organizations and people that listing them would simply be a litany of everything we care about here in Fishtown. The memory of seeing him hitting balls to his son at Newts or pulling up in his truck to help a neighbor lug something to the dump in his spare time brings a smile to my face even today. Often, I thought of Tim and wondered if he was real and not some sort of robot or tv dad come alive. He was real, and in his life he demonstrated to me that we can attain a level of friendship, fatherhood, community participation and love that force you to recognize that goodness exists in our world. He proved that a smile is infectious, and when you saw him with his family, you knew that all was right in this world. His death demonstrates to us that we must work in our own lives to achieve even a fraction of his happiness, charity, and love, for tomorrow is a promise to no one.

I call on all Fishtowners to support his wife and children. We may never repay his kindness in full, but we have a duty to them to help them in any time of need whenever that time arises. With the greatness that we see from ourselves when those among us are in need, we should again rise to the occasion and provide for his wife and children. – posted by A.J. Thomson

Saturday, May 9, 2015
St. Peter the Apostle Church
(5th & Girard Streets)
VIEWING: 7 am – 9 am
MASS: 9 am
Internment: Our Lady of Grace Cemetery – 1215 Super Hwy
Langhorne, PA 19047-2657


One thought on “Tim Breslin”

  1. What a fine tribute!

    God Rest His Soul.

    My sincere condolences to His Wife, Children, Relatives & Friends.

    Talk about “Fishtown Toughness”, in 1966 I was stationed at Kimpo Air Base which was at Sepul International Airport. We’d blow off steam at a local Korean bar & when utilizing the men’s room on the back of the door inside was written “Fishtown Rules”.

    I’ll be 68 at months end, live in Port St. Lucie Fla & lived at 1428 Palmer St. Was an Alter Boy for years in the 50’s. Fr. Mike Sugustin & Fr. Garska was Pastor.

    What a fine Tribute to a Fine Man.

    God Bless You All & “Save St. Laurentius”!

    Joe Bukowski

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