Saint Laurentius Church – Join us on July 10th in the Philadelphia Municipal Office Building (change in venue!)

We continue to work to save Saint Laurentius Church.   We need your continued support!

  1. Civil Law
    1. We believe that having Saint Laurentius Church designated as Historic with the Philadelphia Historic Commission is vitally important.  The Committee recommended this designation but now we have a bigger test.  CAN YOU JOIN US?  Join us on Friday, July 10, 2015 in the PHILADELPHIA MUNICIPAL OFFICE BUILDING at 1515 Arch Street (One Parkway Building) in ROOM 18-029 to help us get final approval.  Join us as we present our case for Saint Laurentius Church as historically significant before the entire Philadelphia Historic Committee. The meeting will begin at 9am.  The agenda is not finalized and therefore, we are uncertain of the order.   Saint Laurentius Church is a essential part of the fabric of Fishtown and should be deemed historically significant.  Again, please join us.  Your voice and your presence will make a difference.  There will again be a bus leaving from Saint Laurentius Church at 9am on 7/10/2015.
  2. The Canon Law
    1. Canon Law is rather specific and even a bit cumbersome.  The Saint Laurentius Church Recourse was indeed denied at the first level.  Though the Committee did not receive this notification for weeks, our first level Canon Law attorney expected this.  Sr. Kate Kuenstler, Esq.  told us she could only help us until this level and the Saint Laurentius Recourse and then Saint Laurentius Church would need another Canon Law Lawyer in both the USA and in the Vatican for the second level.
    2. Peter Borre, Esq and the Gullo Family Attorneys are representing Saint Laurentius with the Council of Clergy at this next level.
    3. According to Canon Law, the Saint Laurentius Church property cannot be sold until the appeal has been heard.
  3. Tidbits
    1. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia hired a commercial Real Estate Firm, The Flynn Company, to represent the Archdiocese’s interests.  Saint Laurentius Church is officially for sale.
    2. Saint Laurentius Church is listed at $750,000.
    3. O’Donnell and Nacarrato and the Dugan Restoration company completed a series of more detailed tests on the stone.
    4. Please read A Matter of Opinion in Fishtown Saint Laurentius estimates

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