St. Laurentius altar was put up for sale

Thanks to Spirit Newspapers for finding this tweet from Inga Saffron.

St. Laurentius Church was put on the Philadelphia historic register last week. The shame of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia knows no limits, apparently.

Click here to see the listing at King Richard’s

5 thoughts on “St. Laurentius altar was put up for sale”

    1. The photo on King Richard’s site is of the altar at St. Laurentius (i.e. not moved to another location). We think it’s still inside the church, because it would be difficult to get it out without anyone noticing. Still, anything is possible so we don’t know for sure….

  1. I can’t believe that being made a historical building is done bit by bit. Now only the outside of SLC is considered historical. It’ll be weeks before the inside is made historical. I think that once a building is made historical that means the WHOLE BUILDING!!!!!!

  2. I can’t believe this is happening!!!!! It’ll take weeks to make the inside of SLC historical, which shouldn’t be!!!! If a building is made historical then the WHOLE BUILDING should be made historical!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so disgusted by this!!!!!!!

    1. And the diocese wonders why Catholics are turned off by the Church. No respect is given to the people and their heritage of faith, family , and history. Iit sees itself as the hierarchy knows best. Catholics do not have as many issues with the faith as much as how the faith is administered. The AOP does not even respect the process and seeks retribution to the recalcitrant children. It brings shame to unto itself. Kudos to Inga Saffron for calling them out.

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