At Masses over the weekend, father Sibel announced that he and the Holy Name parish council were installing a fence around “Memphis and Berks Streets.” We live in a litigious society so this decision is understandable.  But in our hearts, Saint Laurentius is Saint Laurentius and filled with love.

One of us talked with the new head of L&I, Commissioner Perri.  It was a good conversation.  The AOP and L&I met almost two weeks ago and they agreed to erect the fence.   L&I will regularly inspect Saint Laurentius Church and the City Commissioner believes that the building will be saved.

Our Committee to Save Saint Laurentius Church is saddened.  We find solace in the Historic Designation of Saint Laurentius Church; we feel very let down by the men leading our archdiocese and by the process in the Vatican.

NEIGHBORS and FRIENDS, let’s work together to get answers.  We have been shut out of all communication from the pastor and council and from the archdiocese. Why has there been no public meeting with the decisions makers for Saint Laurentius Church (the aop and the council)?  Why isn’t the sale final yet? The Philadelphia Historic Commission recognizes the intrinsic value in Saint Laurentius, so do we and likely, so do you!  More importantly, we all deserve to know answers!

Holy  Name Parish Council and pastor – PLEASE hold a community meeting!  If you agree or if you, too, have questions call Holy Name at 215-739-3960.

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