Recent developments…

It has come to our attention that a new group has formed to Save St Laurentius Church.  While that is admirable it is also foolish. Our group has spent the past 3 years working to save our church.  We have explored every possible avenue to re-open St Laurentius as a Catholic Church–going as far as hiring canon lawyers, Italian lawyers, and filing numerous appeals to the Vatican.  All of those efforts have failed. 

It is public knowledge that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Vatican have ignored our pleas to see our magnificent Church once again serve the faithful parishioners.   The only success that we have had–and it was huge–was the historic designation bestowed on St Laurentius by the historic commission which insures that the exterior of the building–the symbol of the dedication of the Polish immigrants who built it–will remain. 

Fortunately a developer has approached the AOP and offered to purchase the church, which means that the church will remain standing but the interior will be changed.  However the recent activities of this new small group may in fact jeopardize that sale.  Which will mean that the AOP will claim hardship and then will be able to have the church torn down–which is what they have wanted all along. If you believe that the best possible solution right now is for this historic landmark to remain as a beacon in our community, we ask that you do not stand in the way of this developer.

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