Faithful Laurentians are working hard to have St. Laurentius demolished

The group who led the Save St. Laurentius group included Maggie O’Brien, Patricia Kinsman, John Wisniewski, A.J. Thomson, Sue Cerwonka Phillips, Megan Thomson and Tim Breslin, but YOU ARE THE GROUP. You fought this fight. We all find ourselves at a critical juncture.

We cannot overstate that our goal was to save Saint Laurentius Church as a Catholic church, rich in history, tradition and faith. Our multiple appeals to the archdiocese AND to the Vatican courts have been denied. In Latin. We continue to work to preserve the proud history of Saint Laurentius church.

We have nothing to do with the efforts of the Faithful Laurentians. Some of this group helped our efforts nominating Saint Laurentius Church as historic. BUT we are not party to their continued appeal with stated appellants Venise Whitaker and Carolyn Devine, also deemed the “Trustees Ad Litem.” These are the individuals who appealed the ZBA decision. This appeal has delayed the rehabilitation and repair of St. Laurentius Church.Their appeal was deemed frivolous by the judge; the judge stated that their group lacked standing to even bring an appeal. It was dismissed with prejudice. Now, they are appealing their standing to fight the Zoning Board. They are using a 130 year old, handwritten original deed as their basis. We can no longer sit idly and quietly by. We have repeatedly asked this group to stop their appeal. We were sure to contact the person handling their communications, Jeanne Murphy Curtis, who lives in Wisconsin and was never personally connected to Saint Laurentius. We have told them that it endangers St. Laurentius church, our St. Laurentius School and the last remaining parish in Fishtown.

They have stated that they would “rather see it demolished…”

At this point, continuing the appeals in court, the Faithful Laurentius are working towards demolition only. These efforts work directly against preservation. Their facebook group claims to offer “preservation services… and to advocate for historic buildings,” but these appeals prove otherwise. If their appeals continue in court, then the developer COULD walk away. The archdiocese has stated that they will not look for another developer or buyer, they will force the parish of Holy Name to pay for the demolition. Holy Name parish does not have almost one million dollars to demolish this beautiful church.

Wait?! Wait! You might ask how can Saint Laurentius Church be demolished if we all worked together to designate it as historic??!! Well, the City of Philadelphia long ago created a clause to help owners and developers not drown under the cost of a historic building. An owner, in this case the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, can claim financial hardship. They do not need to prove that they do not have all of the money, they do not need to try to sell it, they do not need to prove it is unfixable. For the demolition permit, the owners must “demonstrate that the sale of the property is impracticable, that commercial rental cannot yield a reasonable rate of return and that other potential uses are foreclosed.” (Page 56 notes Financial Hardship for Nonprofits)

For some reason, the AOP did not see fit to list Saint Laurentius Church for sale until it was designated a Historic Building. They have already determined that the sale of the building is impractical. They have already determined the economics for reuse, even in what many would call the hottest market in Philadelphia.

This is a painful and poorly orchestrated process by the AOP. The reality is difficult but easy to see. Please do not fall for the slight of hand the Faithful Laurentians are showing. Do not be suckered into believing that they “have a better plan” or a way to reestablish a church or a cultural center. The Faithful Laurentians are playing upon the sentiments and hopes of long-standing St. Laurentius Parishioners. This is wrong.

The Vatican and the AOP stated that there will be no Catholic presence in Saint Laurentius Church and will never re-consecrate it. We do not absolve the Archdiocese of Philadelphia of any of its many intentional acts that have gone against both fiduciary responsibility to God’s church and spiritual duty to the faithful. However, we want to see St. Laurentius Church stand, and our parish and school continue. The Faithful Laurentians do not. They are either not connected in any way to these neighborhood institutions or are bitter and want to see them destroyed.

We call on all Fishtown Cahtolics and non-Catholics alike to ask the Faithful Laurentians to stop their efforts to demolish this masterpiece and destroy our faith community.

One thought on “Faithful Laurentians are working hard to have St. Laurentius demolished”

  1. May those who want to demolish Saint Laurentius meet God face to face and answer why? To all those faithful Parishioners I Thank You for the good fight & continuing to preserve our Holy Church.

    Shame on the Archdiocese of Philadelphia & the Vatican for their ignorance shown to the Parishioners in wanting to save OUR CHURCH.

    At nearing 71 & now residing in Florida I can attest that I’ve served many a Mass, Funeral, Wedding, Baptism, Confirmation & other such church functions as an Alter Boy. In the 50’s & early 60’s I recall the Mass being celebrated in Latin. All of this at Saint Laurentius.

    Parishioners have DONATED much to our church & like thieves in the night the Archdiocese stole those donations without warning or notice. Again, shame on the AOP!

    I asked the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede in helping those still faithful to your Son’s Church. I believe in Miracles & humbly request your intercession in Gods name Jesus Christ Amen!

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