Call to Action

In 2014, the AOPs plan was to demolish the church and squander the proceeds of St Laurentius and Holy Name assets.

The community stopped that foolish waste, had the church designated historic, and now a buyer stands poised to fix the church and save the parish funds from being wasted on a frivolous demolition.

Remember when the AOP and some of the members of the parish council were telling everyone the church was a danger? That was over 3 years ago!!!!

Ask the AOP why they continue to allow the church to sit when it could be repaired right now? Why do they hold important funds hostage from our parish?

Is it because they still want to demolish the church? And use our parish money to do so? Holy Name parish currently has over $800,000 sitting in an AOP-controlled escrow account that the AOP refuses to allow our parish to access.

Please call these AOP representatives and ask them why they are endangering the community and not acting in the best fiduciary interests of the Archdiocese and our parish:

Name: Deacon Thomas Croke
Title: Director of Real Estate Services
Phone: 215-587-3560

Name: Timothy O’Shaughnessy
Title: Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 215-587-4510

Name: James Bock Jr.
Title: Secretary for Temporal Services
Phone: 215-587-3959

Name: Karen Egelkamp
Title: Coordinator for Capital Projects
Phone: 215-587-3560


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