Facts and Logic are not on the side of the Faithful Laurentians

The Faithful Laurentians are trying to demonize Leo Voloshin, a neighbor who has stuck his neck out to save Our Saint Laurentius Church. They have demonized his partners, Linden Lane. It’s shameful, but it is a common tactic when facts and logic are not on your side.

The Faithful Laurentians write that the Philadelphia Historic Commission will not grant the aop a hardship exception once they chase away the only developer who has put forth a plan to save the church and its history. They are confident that the church will not be demolished because of the protections under the Historic designation.

Yet, at the same time, they say the only group who has put forth a plan to save Saint Laurentius Church is actually scheming to demolish it. They are trying to scare everyone that these developers will convince the Philadelphia Historic Commission to throw out all stated protections. Then the developers will demolish.

These statements together defy common sense and logic.

In reality, the developers who seek to develop the church, after Historic Designation, would be held to a HIGHER standard. Leo and Linden Lane do not seek to demolish the church. They have spent thousands to SAVE it and repurpose its beauty.

In reality, the Court of Common Pleas has found every argument to be wrong and dismissed their case.
In reality, these appeals endanger the Catholic tradition in Fishtown that began with the people of Saint Laurentius.


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