About Friends of St. Laurentius

Saint Laurentius Church is the first and oldest Polish Catholic Church in Philadelphia Archdiocese. This magnificent church was lovingly built over 130 years ago by Polish immigrants who started the project with less then $50. They filled it with beautiful murals and works of art which remain there today. Most importantly those faithful men and women built it through years of sacrifice and hearts filled with devotion and love to their Polish heritage and Catholic faith. Please review the video illustrating the beauty, integrity, and artistic and architectural significance of St. Laurentius.

Now in a very hasty decision, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia would rather destroy this beautiful church then repair it. A group of St Laurentius supporters has hired a canon lawyer; has a financial plan for repair; has banked donated money and obtained pledges; and sent an appeal to the Vatican.

Contact us at savestlaurentius@gmail.com