Best noise cancelling headphones for gym

Noise-cancelling headphones are nowadays all the rage. Currently, such tools remove the level of ambient sound.

They are a perfect alternative for you if you want to block the background noise when listening to your favourite songs on your screen.

Buying the first headphone that has this feature may be tough for you. You may want to think about the following tips before making a decision. Read on, to know more about best noise cancelling headphones for gym.

Take the Theme

You know these headphones come in different sizes and shapes. Most of them provide the same features, but vary in design and build quality. There are two common types: Models over-ear and models in-ear.

As for the in-ear versions, they are designed in such a way as to fit in your ears. The other sort shall be worn over the head.

Plus, each form has its own advantages. In addition, over-ear style offers enhanced noise-cancelling functionality. They’re not very lightweight though.

noise-cancelling functionality

Passive Vs Aggressive

The passive ones use physical means to block the noise. This can be done by a seal lying between your ears and headphones. They literally help you separate yourself from the surroundings. The downside though is that you’re not going to be able to hear the voices around you. The active form works on the basis of another principle. Such versions actually feature a mechanism and a microphone that tracks and controls the ambient sounds accordingly.

Price Audio

You can’t just go for some noise-cancelling headset, for decent sound quality. The thing to note is that the technology blocks the external sounds and doesn’t enhance the quality of the signal.

The audio actually depends on a number of factors, such as design, material, and driver form. You may want to look for a Premium Build model for rich experience.

block the noiseLife of the battery

The life of the battery is a significant factor to consider when making a decision on best headphones for working out.

As a buyer, you can make sure there’s enough battery power in the headset. If this aspect is not considered, you may end up purchasing a product that will go out of order within a few months.

You will find several headsets which have a rechargeable battery built in. A few models do carry replaceable batteries.


Even if you get the best, there’s still some background noise to hear. The point is, this technology’s effectiveness is dependent on the strength of the echo.

Such devices may block the soft chatter, but may not block sharp noises such as jet engine noise or airplane noise.